Tuesday, August 20, 2013

June 24th, 2013

HEY!!!! Man, I love you all!
This week was awesome! We fasted 3 times!!! Never fasted so much in my life haha but it brings miracles!
Miracle of the week: We fasted on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday and on Tuesday we were texting on of our investigators and he replied that he wants to get baptized soon! Hallelujah! We will be meeting with him on Wednesday to set a date! That will make 5 baptisms coming up!
Funn story of the week: I found out the the African guy that asked me to marry him is already married! WOWWWW. Some people...hahahaha
Also this week, we had a "mini mission day" with the Spanish Branch youth and we took them out with us to teach.  It was great. The girl that was paired up with us is 13, wants to serve a mission, and said she'd come out with us anytime!
We had a zone meeting on Thursday and afterwards the senior couples took our district out for pizza in the city. While we were waiting for the pizza, we did some street contacting. We gave people Mormon.org cards and prayed with them! Then we want on an exchange. I was with my sister training leader, Sister Hill, whom I love and it was so fun!
Yesterday, ZERO investigators came to church which sucked because we were expecting like 7 to come. So sad. Satan sucks. But Sunday night we listened to the Prophet speak about missionary work and it was awesome. The emphasized the importance of members reaching out to their friends, neighbors, relatives, and coworkers so that the missionaries have solid people to work with. It would really make it so easy if the members would just have someone come to their home for dinner while we're there so we can teach them.
I INVITE: you to invite someone over for dinner and ask if it's ok if the missionaries come as well to talk with them. Maybe our neighbors Jessie or Dave..Or one of the kids' school teachers, or friends from soccer. ANYONE! Because the gospel is for EVERYONE. Not only will the missionaries be ecstatic but you will have the privilege of playing a part in bringing someone closer to Christ!
 Love yall!

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