Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 5th, 2013


This week has seriously flown by, even faster than last week. Yesterday feels like it was P-Day! Cuh-razy! All my days blur together..

Lots of miracles this week: We found 3 families!!!!!!!!!!! And 2 of them came to church yesterday! HALLELUJAH! AND we had a ton of less actives. It was soo great! There are less and less empty chairs at church and it's awesome! Our ward is really coming together and reaching out to each other. It's like completely different from when I first got here. And the senior couple, the Becks, have a lot to do with that. They are awesome, I love them!

Oh and one of the ladies that we are teaching is getting us into the aquarium AND the zoo in the city!!!! Love her. She needs to get baptized already haha. 


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