Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July 29th, 2013


This week was awesome! Super productive and just flew by, I can't believe how fast. We were able to achieve 60 blessings this week. SIXTY. We usually get around 30. Oh, and blessings are just us praying with people and blessing them, their families, and their homes, as representatives of Jesus Christ. Anyway! We taught so awesome people this week, in particular the MUSLIM!

Miracle of the week: So Allan Abdulhameed said he would read and pray about the Book of Mormon, even though he believes in the Koran and "Allah"! He is a very nice guy and absolutely not a terrorist, even though he is straight up from Iraq. Hahaha.

Funny story of the week: While driving, I accidentally honked the horn and this black lady in front of us honked back and flipped us off! Hahahah my bad. 

Also this week, we went and saw that couple that I met my first week here...the one with the guy from Austrailia and he's like intuitive and psychic-like. Well they were so happy to see us and he did the same thing with Sister Ross and he was right on the money with her. It was crazy. They invited us back and the wife made cake for us! We talked about the Book of Mormon and they said they'd read it. 

Our ward had a cook out/barbecue on Friday and it was soo fun. A lot of less active members came and even some investigators! And then on Sunday we had a full house! Tons of people that I've never seen before, less actives, AND non members! So we have some new investigators!!! It's just so great! Our ward is really getting on board with missionary work. 


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