Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19th, 2013

This week was kinda slow. A lot of our appointments fell through and since school is back in, the members of our ward have been super busy and not really able to team up with us. And our baptism didn't happen because Dianne just started working again and wasn't sure about her schedule so hopefully she can get baptized this Saturday or next! We will make it happen because she's totally ready!

Miracle: So this less active lady that we've been working with finally admitted that she really does believe in God and wants to start coming back to church! She has been through a lot in her life and it was like music to our hears when she said it! She came yesterday and talked to Bishop for 2 hours! So awesome. I love our Bishop. 

Funny story: So yeah, I sprained my ankle. We play volleyball like every Saturday with the ward, less actives, and investigators and like 2 minutes into the game I just eat it on the floor, came down hard, and I heard my ankle crack! I got up quickly and no one suspected a thing until I snuck off the court and sat down. And then everyone was like, oh wait, I think she's hurt. So everyone crowded around me and my ankle swelled up like a balloon in seconds. It was crazy  and it hurt so bad but I kept it together and luckily did not cry in front of everyone. It was really hard not to, let me tell ya. So Bishop came running in and Brother Hall (who's a doctor) looked at it and Brother Wilcox drove to the gas station to buy some ice. I felt so loved! But it hurt so bad! 
So Sister Ross called Sister Harding (President's wife) to tell her and asked what to do. And since it wasn't broken she said I shouldn't have to go to the hospital. So she told us to cancel our appointments and spend the whole day at home, icing it, and keeping it elevated. Which did not sit well with me. We had 2 scheduled appointments with 2 ladies that have baptisms dates and I DID NOT want to miss them. But...Sister Ross wouldn't let me disobey Sister Harding.
So before going home Bishop gave me a priesthood blessing (that made me cry) so that I could get better and get back to work and then we went to Brother Hall's so he could do some soft tissue work and adjust my back. The soft tissue work DID NOT feel good but he cracked my back, adjusted my hips, and cracked my neck and it felt awesome!!! Then they fed us lunch and we headed home and spent all day laying down. We used time effectively to call to get appointments with people and then we just watched church movies. Sister Ross is a CNA so she took good care of me. She even made me dinner!

Anyway, I'll send you a picture of my ankle it's pretty balloony and bruised haha. Hope yall had a good week! I love you!

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