Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July 22nd, 2013

This week was aweeeeessoooommmeee! Oh and just so you know, me and my companion did not get transferred! Hallelujah! I LOVE Smyrna. Things are finally happening! The ward is becoming more loving and united and we had TWO baptisms on Saturday. One lady that we taught and another lady that the Elders taught. It was such a great day. Mirlene Mangones (the one that got baptized that we taught..she contacted the church about baptisms for the dead) was sooo happy and I just love her. She's going to Haiti today for 2 weeks but she'll be back! 

Funny story of the week: So Sister Hall (RS President, who is awesome, I love her) found out that I think her son, Dallin, is cute...And it turns out that she and her husband love me and are going to tell him to write me when I get transferred haha! She said she would love to have me as a daughter-in-law. So it looks like I'm set! Haha. Just kidding. BUT also...I told Sister Wilcox and she said that can't happen because she wants me to marry her brother, Kyle. So we'll see what happens hahaha. 

Mircale of the week (besides the baptisms): So yesterday, after church, this black girl comes into the church asking for the "pastor" because she wants a "spiritual cleansing" so we talked to her and waited for the Bishop outside his office and it turns out that she heard about the church from ME and Sister Bui! Haha. I didn't remember at first but back in April, we gave her a Mormon.org card at a Taco Bell one day. And now here she is at the church wanting a better life. We invited her to be baptized right there in the church hallway and she said yes! Man, Mormon.org cards really work!!!! It's soo awesome!! So then we talked to the Bishop with her and she got a priesthood blessing from Elder Evans (our new District Leader) and she said she'll come to the ward barbecue this weekend and to church on Sunday!

So yeah, awesome things are happening and I am SOOO glad I'm staying in Smyrna. Elder Porter and Webster got transferred though :( I'll miss them. 


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