Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good morning, Family!

So last Monday after I talked to you we went and play basketball with the Elders..again and we played 21 and I won! Hahaha. On Tuesday we had an amazing district meeting about the Atonement. Our district leader is so great. He always knows how to invite the spirit. Wednesday was transfers and one of my favorite Elders left! Elder Darrow :( So we have 2 new elders in our district and 2 new sisters that opened a new area.

So since Elder Darrow got transferred we had to give him his GPS back so I bought one. It was very expensive..$140..The only one they had at Wal Mart. I used my personal debit card and I hope that's ok that I bought one. It can be my early birthday present or something..Because without a GPS, we would be so lost.
I know my away around a lot better but we still see new people every day and get new referrals so I wouldn't know where to go without it.

On Friday we got to do service at the temple. We planted flowers for like 3 hours with other sisters in our zone. It was really fun and such a beautiful day. I got sunburned but I'm glad! I felt so white and I definitely needed some

So On Friday night I had a nightmare about my companion, Sister Bui. It was terrible..Like exorcist status. I told her about it the next morning and she freaked out because she had a dream just like it about her previous companion. So we called our district leader to bless our apartment and Elder Webster gave me a priesthood blessing as well. I felt a lot better. Sister Bui told me that I should talk to President Harding about it so I talked to him last night. He is amazing. I definitely cried during the entire conversation over the phone (we were at the church at the time) and Elder Porter (a Spanish speaking missionary in my district) walked in and saw me...awkward haha. No but he asked if I needed anything which was really nice. Anyway so yeah, I feel a lot better from talking to President.

But it's been a good week! Except for Karl (African guy, getting baptized) had to go to the hospital again for another surgery but last night we taught him the last lesson! Tithing and fasting! And he's good to go! His faith is amazing! He seriously has lost everything. Job, health, sponsorship, money from the hospital, and he still committed to pay tithing! I love it.

Alright well, how was yall's week? I really want all the clothes I left home. I feel like I have nothing! I need more shirts! I want the shirts I left haha because most of my clothes are winter clothes and it is going to be hot from
like June to September. Oh and can you tell Taylor to make a list of all the good movies she sees and wants to see? I need to catch up when I get home next summer! :) Thank you! Love you!

Easter and More

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MTC Pictures!


Ok so this week was crazy. We were supposed to have a baptism yesterday for Karl, the one from Africa. BUT he had a heart attack and then had to have heart surgery (only 37 years old). So he's been recovering and cannot be baptized for at least 2 weeks. But the day of his heart attack we had an appointment with him
and he cancelled, saying that he didn't feel good. Then he called us and asked if we could find him a ride to the hospital. So we called all the retired members in our ward because it was in the middle of the day and finally found him a ride after like 30 minutes. The next day we got to visit him with the Elders and he got a priesthood blessing. Then me and Sister Bui got to talk to him. He thanked us for everything and told us that if his ride had come any later it might have been too late. He said that he would never forget us and that even though Satan can take away his health, he cannot take away his faith. I am grateful for Karl's example to me of having so much faith and not doubting the gospel even when life gets hard.

Anyway so that day was really hard. I was stressed about Karl's health. So it's been rough but I am still thankful for the moments of testimony building and faith strengthening like with Karl.

So transfers are this Wednesday and me and Sister Bui are not getting transferred. I know that if I'm staying here it is because I am supposed to.

So last Tuesday we had zone conference which was so great. Almost all of the Elders are big and tall and a good amount are black haha. It makes sense because Atlanta can be kind of dangerous.

So our Mission President is finally out of the hospital. He had a tumor the size of a football in his stomach and so he is recovering from that. So sad :(

So I heard that there was a bombing in Boston? What's that all about?

Thank you for sending the package! I hope I get it soon! Yeah I want my moccasins to wear out on P days. But that's ok. I'm glad ya'll are having fun with soccer and basketball :)
Oh do you think you can send me Annie's address? Or maybe just the Tui's?

Thank you! Love you! Talk to me! :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hey!  So, last Monday drove a bit to meet up for Zone P day. It was sooooo fun! 
We went to Piedmont Park which is HUGE. It's right in the middle of the city so
I got to drive through the buildings in Atlanta. Super cool! And this park was
the setting for the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting! So yeah, I got
to be where a movie was filmed! Haha. It was really fun. Our zone is pretty big.
I played basketball and my companion didn't want to so I was the only girl AND I
was the only white person that played. So yeah just me and a bunch of BLACK
ELDERS playing basketball. No big deal hahahaha. Also, at zone p day I met
Hayley Draper's cousins, Whitney Ellis! So we took a picture together and I want
to send it to Hayley so if you could send me her North Carolina address that'd
be great.

So this week went by really fast! Oh and something I've forgotten to tell you is
that when we go tracting and give people blessings..the black people in the
south like to speak while you're giving a prayer. They say things like, "Yes,
praise Jesus!" and "Thank you, Lord!" It completely caught me off guard and I
like stumbled through my prayer hahahaha.
Another thing crazy about Georgia is the pollen. Since spring is now here
everything is covered in pollen! Our car (usually white) was a yellow greenish
color. So crazy!

On Thursday, Aunt Dorothy and Kylie came to see me! Such a wonderful surprise! I
definitely cried just at the sight of them -____- They brought me muddy-buddies
and took me and my companion to Chik-Filet! So great! :)

So our baptism for Karl (the guy from Africa) got postponed because he's super
busy with work and we did not have enough time to teach all the lessons. And
it's a good thing we did because just yesterday we found out that he
occasionally drinks. So he definitely needs to commit to the Word of Wisdom
before being baptized. But he said he will do whatever it takes. So his baptism
is now going to be this Sunday.

So how was Riley's birthday!? Did she get my letter!? I want to see pictures!

Today we're gonna go grocery shopping, play basketball with the elders, have
dinner with them, and then we're having FHE at a less active's home. So yup!  :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Yes I loved conference. We watched it at the church building. One of my favorite
talks was by President Monson. He is so funny and always has a good story to
relate to his topic. I also loved Holland's talk. It gave me comfort to know
that it is ok if you just believe because that is the first step. General
Conference has definitely increased my faith this weekend and was like my
spiritual food to get me strengthened and motivated.

So last Monday was April Fool's day and we pulled a prank on the Elders. We
texted all of them saying that Sister Bui was being sent home. They all freaked
out. So the next day at district meeting I brought them crescent rolls with
nutella in them so that they would forgive us haha.

We have a baptism this Sunday! The African guy, Karl. He is so excited, I love
it. His boss fired him for his decision to be baptized. And since he is not here
legally, there's nothing he can really do about it. :( But he has so much faith
and I know the Lord will bless him for his sacrifices.

We also have another baptism scheduled in the beginning of May for a young black
guy that we had only 1 lesson with so far. We went back last night to teach him
the 2nd lesson but he was definitely high on drugs. It smelled like weed in the
apartment. So we stayed for less than 3 minutes and said we'd come back. And on
the way out he hit on me...so yeah we will not go there again without a male

Ok so I hope you guys had a great week and got a lot out of conference. 

Today we have zone P day so it should be fun! Love you all!!!! :)
Hey family!

So on Tuesday we had our weekly district meeting to talk about our key
indicators and discuss or goals for the upcoming week. Then we all had pizza
together. So yummy.

This week we did some service for some elderly members in our ward. We cleaned
their house (smaller than our little garage) and organized their canned foods.
It was so dirty and smelled so bad. They were very grateful and I just felt like
these people need some serious love. I was glad to have been a part of making
their day a little better even though I immediately wanted to take a show
afterwards. These experiences have opened my eyes to the insane amount of
blessings that we have. 

So this week we found out that one of my companion's former investigators just
got out of jail! He read the Book of Mormon in jail and wants to get baptized!
He is awesome! He never wants to go to jail again and just wants to start fresh.
He just got a job and wants to get another one to keep himself busy and out of

On Saturday we had our first baptism! It was wonderful. The Elders had 2
baptisms as well. This month our mission had 40 baptisms collectively! And then
last night we met with our African investigator and set his baptism date for
April 14th! Riley Jayne's birthday!

This Easter weekend was so great and has strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ.
It has also made me so excited for General Conference! I have never had such a
strong desire to listen to the prophet speak before. But now I see that it
is blessing and a privilege.

Prayer has helped me a lot these past 2 weeks. I encourage you guys to have
family prayer every night before bed and every morning before school.  I know
that it will bring you all closer together and strengthen you for whatever is
going on. (I expect you to return and report on how that goes.) ;)

Ok well today we have district P-day so we're gonna have lunch and ice cream and
play basketball with all the Elders. Can't wait! Hope you all had a wonderful
Easter and I invite you to develop some questions in your hearts that you want
answered for General Conference :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!