Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hey family!

So on Tuesday we had our weekly district meeting to talk about our key
indicators and discuss or goals for the upcoming week. Then we all had pizza
together. So yummy.

This week we did some service for some elderly members in our ward. We cleaned
their house (smaller than our little garage) and organized their canned foods.
It was so dirty and smelled so bad. They were very grateful and I just felt like
these people need some serious love. I was glad to have been a part of making
their day a little better even though I immediately wanted to take a show
afterwards. These experiences have opened my eyes to the insane amount of
blessings that we have. 

So this week we found out that one of my companion's former investigators just
got out of jail! He read the Book of Mormon in jail and wants to get baptized!
He is awesome! He never wants to go to jail again and just wants to start fresh.
He just got a job and wants to get another one to keep himself busy and out of

On Saturday we had our first baptism! It was wonderful. The Elders had 2
baptisms as well. This month our mission had 40 baptisms collectively! And then
last night we met with our African investigator and set his baptism date for
April 14th! Riley Jayne's birthday!

This Easter weekend was so great and has strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ.
It has also made me so excited for General Conference! I have never had such a
strong desire to listen to the prophet speak before. But now I see that it
is blessing and a privilege.

Prayer has helped me a lot these past 2 weeks. I encourage you guys to have
family prayer every night before bed and every morning before school.  I know
that it will bring you all closer together and strengthen you for whatever is
going on. (I expect you to return and report on how that goes.) ;)

Ok well today we have district P-day so we're gonna have lunch and ice cream and
play basketball with all the Elders. Can't wait! Hope you all had a wonderful
Easter and I invite you to develop some questions in your hearts that you want
answered for General Conference :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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