Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's snowing!!! (Just a tiny bit) So weird! It's freezing today! And last Monday, after I emailed you guys, there was a huge storm and the tornado sirens went off. Huge hail came down and the sky was black all of a sudden. My companion was freaking out because she had never seen hail before. Hahaha. But no tornado, thank goodness.
So I'll tell you a little about some of the people we are teaching. We are teaching a guy from Africa, Karl, that wants to get baptized but his boss makes him work on Sundays so he's struggling because he obviously needs to make a living. But last time we met with him he said, "Money is not going to get me to Heaven." I love that. He believes in the Book of Mormon so now he just needs to act upon his faith!
Another person we starting teaching, Tiesha, has 6 kids and is looking for a church to go to and she wants to know what her purpose in life is. So we talked about the Plan of Salvation for our first lesson with her. She cried and said they would come to church but they didn't! Ugghh.
The other day we went and visited an older couple, the Radichels, that can't come to church because the wife has serious health problems. They ordered 3 pizzas for us and we got to take whatever we didn't eat home! Right from the beginning I loved them! But while eating lunch Sister Radichel told us like her life story and explained why she was hooked up to an oxygen tank. She said that her back is crooked and she had to wear a brace for most of her kid-teenage years. But she is still such a happy person and told us she is thankful that she is able to make people feel better about themselves. I definitely cried while she was telling us all this and then she said that she also served a mission. I was like wowww. Here I am serving a mission and missing home so much, while she served a mission with a back brace, having people judge her and make fun of her, with no problem. I was really grateful to have met her and she said we are welcome any time for anything, especially since she doesn't get to see anyone very often. Love her.
So we have a baptism this Saturday for Victoria. She is getting married to a less active member that has recently been coming back to church. I'm super excited for her! She is so sweet! And then the Elders in our ward also have a baptism that day and we have an Easter Ward Activity, so we'll pretty much be at the church all day this Saturday.
Through tracting this week we found a lot of people that seemed interested and so we have 8 new investigators! One of them was a black guy with 2 daughters and in our first meeting, I asked him to be baptized without even thinking about it. And he said yes! Woohoo! Can't wait to meet with them again.
So I've been helping my companion wither her English studying and it is sooo funny. I never thought I would have to explain the word "against". We spent like 30 mintues talking about it hahahaha. First of all, she kept on saying, "again" not "againST" and then she didn't understand how I described when you're against a person's beliefs and when you're against the wall. Hahaha. But I think she's got it now. Oh and then she was trying to say the word "appreciate". She was pronouncing it like this, "uhpruficude" or something. Hahaha I love her..even though she can be crazy sometimes but we learn from each other.


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