Monday, March 11, 2013

Last P-day in the MTC

Thanks for all the letters! I love hearing about the day-to-day activities. You need to send me some pictures if you've taken any recent ones. Maybe send me some like twice a month? Please wish Dad happy birthday for me. I'm glad you guys had fun at Lone Star. Yes, Lindsay and Brianne told me about the Bachelor haha. And no, Allyson hasn't written me yet. Maybe tell her how to use DearElder? And tell her I want to read her blog and see all the pictures from my farewell! Did the kids get my letter in the mail? I just wrote them a quick note while I was doing my laundry. Oh and can you send me some addresses so I can write people? Like Sister Mason, Sister Cripe, and Allyson's address too, I forgot it...west temple something? Oh and tell Riley I loved reading her letter, haha yes I brought my blanky but it's still in my suitcase. I've been sleeping better but it's not long enough at all and no, I didn't get my big blanket out haha. Last night we got to eat Papa Johns which I don't even really like but it was so good to have some familiar food. The food is good but it is soooo processed and just fake that it's like eating McDonald's every day so I try to get salads, fruit, and wraps and I only drink water. All the Elders have gained weight because they grab a plate of gross. 
So this week, has gone by super fast. The last 7 days have gone by faster than my first 3 days here. I have learned a lot about how to answer questions from investigators and have been trying to teach by the spirit. My companion is so great. She has what I need and I have what she needs. She explains deep doctrine so well and then I bring it back to the investigator to ask them questions and relate whatever she said to their own personal lives. So we work really well together while teaching. My teachers are really good. They bring the spirit to each class and I learn so much. Class is very long (3 hours) so they give us breaks in between which is really nice. I have to give my class a lesson tomorrow on repentance. Our district leader said he prayed and felt the impression to ask me to do it. Luckily my companion, Sister Chidester, has to do it with me haha. I'm teaching about repentance. Hope it goes well!
This week we had TRC so we taught real investigators and less active people. Well they said  they were real but they could possibly be actors. But it felt real so it was cool. I was surprised how I was actually able to do it and I wasn't even nervous. But it does help to have a really great companion. One guy we taught was all about deep doctrine and asked so many questions about the history and theology of our church. He was a Methodist and also once a Protestant. We answered his questions the best we could and read from the scriptures. He said how this really made a lot of sense compared to the other churches he has checked out and when we said the closing prayer, he said he really felt something. So amazing! It was the Holy Ghost! The church is true! Hahahaha.
We leave on Tuesday morning! I am going to miss the MTC so much. The people that I have met are amazing. Luckily most of them will be coming to Georgia with me but some other people in our zone that are going to Baltimore, I am going to miss so much. Sister Fullmer, especially. She is sooo wonderful. She wants to room with me at either BYU Hawaii or Idaho. I would love that! Hopefully I can send some pictures to you guys but I don't really know how to do that. The other girls going to Baltimore are great too. They are all seriously obsessed with my hair, it's so funny. They always say how good it looks, how jealous they are, and how they want to chop it off and put it on their own heads. Hahahahaa. And then the Elders going to Baltimore are soooooo funny. We sit with them during meals sometimes and I just die laughing.
Ok so my flight leaves Tuesday morning, the 12th, at 8:30 am so expect a call around 6 am your time, I believe. We'll head to the airport around 5 am so yeah. I can't believe this is coming so soon. I hope me and my new companion work well together because without unity it is really hard to teach. Anyway I miss you guys a lot! It's a good thing they keep us so busy because there's not a lot of time to think about other things and that would make this really hard. Ok bye! Send me pictures, more letters, and addresses! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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