Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19th, 2013

This week was kinda slow. A lot of our appointments fell through and since school is back in, the members of our ward have been super busy and not really able to team up with us. And our baptism didn't happen because Dianne just started working again and wasn't sure about her schedule so hopefully she can get baptized this Saturday or next! We will make it happen because she's totally ready!

Miracle: So this less active lady that we've been working with finally admitted that she really does believe in God and wants to start coming back to church! She has been through a lot in her life and it was like music to our hears when she said it! She came yesterday and talked to Bishop for 2 hours! So awesome. I love our Bishop. 

Funny story: So yeah, I sprained my ankle. We play volleyball like every Saturday with the ward, less actives, and investigators and like 2 minutes into the game I just eat it on the floor, came down hard, and I heard my ankle crack! I got up quickly and no one suspected a thing until I snuck off the court and sat down. And then everyone was like, oh wait, I think she's hurt. So everyone crowded around me and my ankle swelled up like a balloon in seconds. It was crazy  and it hurt so bad but I kept it together and luckily did not cry in front of everyone. It was really hard not to, let me tell ya. So Bishop came running in and Brother Hall (who's a doctor) looked at it and Brother Wilcox drove to the gas station to buy some ice. I felt so loved! But it hurt so bad! 
So Sister Ross called Sister Harding (President's wife) to tell her and asked what to do. And since it wasn't broken she said I shouldn't have to go to the hospital. So she told us to cancel our appointments and spend the whole day at home, icing it, and keeping it elevated. Which did not sit well with me. We had 2 scheduled appointments with 2 ladies that have baptisms dates and I DID NOT want to miss them. But...Sister Ross wouldn't let me disobey Sister Harding.
So before going home Bishop gave me a priesthood blessing (that made me cry) so that I could get better and get back to work and then we went to Brother Hall's so he could do some soft tissue work and adjust my back. The soft tissue work DID NOT feel good but he cracked my back, adjusted my hips, and cracked my neck and it felt awesome!!! Then they fed us lunch and we headed home and spent all day laying down. We used time effectively to call to get appointments with people and then we just watched church movies. Sister Ross is a CNA so she took good care of me. She even made me dinner!

Anyway, I'll send you a picture of my ankle it's pretty balloony and bruised haha. Hope yall had a good week! I love you!

August 12th, 2013

We switched our p day this week because one of our investigators is taking us to the aquarium!!! So P day is on Wednesday but we still get to email today.
This week was awesome! Just so incredibly busy, I love it! We had zone training and went to the temple with President. AND OH MY GOSH! The temple has a new movie! It was incredible! And we were the FIRST to see it! Go the the temple! It was an incredible experience!
Also this week, I went on exchange to Sandy Springs and I got to ride MARTA...Atlanta's public transportation train..it was awesome! Haha.
Miracle of the week: We were able to meet with 2 ladies that we tracted into in June and set new baptism dates with them! And one of them came to church on Sunday with her husband and was welcomed wonderfully by the members of our ward!
We have a baptism this Saturday with another lady who has been coming regularly with Brother Williams. However we haven't taught her ANY of the lessons because we had to get permission from the zone leaders since she's techinically in a different ward and stake. But she's right on the border line and right down the street from the chapel. Anyway we got permission and have to teach her all the lessons in one week! Hopefully she doesn't have a problem with the Word of Wisdom or something!
So this upcoming week is gonna be awesome. We have interviews with President tomorrow, goin to the Aquarium on Wednesday and then teaching in preparation for the baptism on Saturday!!!
The church is true!!!!! Read your scriptures!!!

August 5th, 2013


This week has seriously flown by, even faster than last week. Yesterday feels like it was P-Day! Cuh-razy! All my days blur together..

Lots of miracles this week: We found 3 families!!!!!!!!!!! And 2 of them came to church yesterday! HALLELUJAH! AND we had a ton of less actives. It was soo great! There are less and less empty chairs at church and it's awesome! Our ward is really coming together and reaching out to each other. It's like completely different from when I first got here. And the senior couple, the Becks, have a lot to do with that. They are awesome, I love them!

Oh and one of the ladies that we are teaching is getting us into the aquarium AND the zoo in the city!!!! Love her. She needs to get baptized already haha. 


July 29th, 2013


This week was awesome! Super productive and just flew by, I can't believe how fast. We were able to achieve 60 blessings this week. SIXTY. We usually get around 30. Oh, and blessings are just us praying with people and blessing them, their families, and their homes, as representatives of Jesus Christ. Anyway! We taught so awesome people this week, in particular the MUSLIM!

Miracle of the week: So Allan Abdulhameed said he would read and pray about the Book of Mormon, even though he believes in the Koran and "Allah"! He is a very nice guy and absolutely not a terrorist, even though he is straight up from Iraq. Hahaha.

Funny story of the week: While driving, I accidentally honked the horn and this black lady in front of us honked back and flipped us off! Hahahah my bad. 

Also this week, we went and saw that couple that I met my first week here...the one with the guy from Austrailia and he's like intuitive and psychic-like. Well they were so happy to see us and he did the same thing with Sister Ross and he was right on the money with her. It was crazy. They invited us back and the wife made cake for us! We talked about the Book of Mormon and they said they'd read it. 

Our ward had a cook out/barbecue on Friday and it was soo fun. A lot of less active members came and even some investigators! And then on Sunday we had a full house! Tons of people that I've never seen before, less actives, AND non members! So we have some new investigators!!! It's just so great! Our ward is really getting on board with missionary work. 


July 22nd, 2013

This week was aweeeeessoooommmeee! Oh and just so you know, me and my companion did not get transferred! Hallelujah! I LOVE Smyrna. Things are finally happening! The ward is becoming more loving and united and we had TWO baptisms on Saturday. One lady that we taught and another lady that the Elders taught. It was such a great day. Mirlene Mangones (the one that got baptized that we taught..she contacted the church about baptisms for the dead) was sooo happy and I just love her. She's going to Haiti today for 2 weeks but she'll be back! 

Funny story of the week: So Sister Hall (RS President, who is awesome, I love her) found out that I think her son, Dallin, is cute...And it turns out that she and her husband love me and are going to tell him to write me when I get transferred haha! She said she would love to have me as a daughter-in-law. So it looks like I'm set! Haha. Just kidding. BUT also...I told Sister Wilcox and she said that can't happen because she wants me to marry her brother, Kyle. So we'll see what happens hahaha. 

Mircale of the week (besides the baptisms): So yesterday, after church, this black girl comes into the church asking for the "pastor" because she wants a "spiritual cleansing" so we talked to her and waited for the Bishop outside his office and it turns out that she heard about the church from ME and Sister Bui! Haha. I didn't remember at first but back in April, we gave her a Mormon.org card at a Taco Bell one day. And now here she is at the church wanting a better life. We invited her to be baptized right there in the church hallway and she said yes! Man, Mormon.org cards really work!!!! It's soo awesome!! So then we talked to the Bishop with her and she got a priesthood blessing from Elder Evans (our new District Leader) and she said she'll come to the ward barbecue this weekend and to church on Sunday!

So yeah, awesome things are happening and I am SOOO glad I'm staying in Smyrna. Elder Porter and Webster got transferred though :( I'll miss them. 


July 15th, 2013


Quiero hablar Espanol mucho mal. Jajaja. Puedo hablar un poquito. Pero quiero aprender mas. 

ANYWAYY...This week has been great! We've been busy teaching the 2 ladies that contacted the church wanting to get baptized. Their date is for July 20th so we gotta make sure the understand everything and gain a testimony. And they're on track! They've come to church, know it's true, and can't wait to receive a remission of their sins and start a whole new life! 

On Tuesday we got to go to the temple with our zone, the East zone, and President Harding. It was so wonderful. And then we had a Zone conference that lasted 5 hours! But it was fun. I loved seeing all my mission friends! 

On Wednesday we had a mini mission with the youth from the Spanish branch and we taught some people that have committed to baptism.

On Friday we went on an exchange and I got to go to Sandy Springs to be with my Sister Training Leader, Sister Hill. And I love her! We had so much fun. And her Bishop took us out for dinner at the Happy Sumo (it's like Bennihana) and he's a doctor with no kids so he said order whatever you want. My meal cost $20! But I was worried about my companion taking the lead in Smyrna. She's smart and everything but I feel like Smyrna is my baby! Haha. She did alright without me there but she definitely still needs more training haha. 

On Saturday we exchanged back and the Spanish Elders had a baptism so we went to that with some of our investigators and it was awesome! Then we taught Mirlene (the one that's getting baptized and she wants to do baptisms for the dead) in the Hall's home and it was so great. When we talked about priesthood blessings she began to cry. She just seems really happy and so excited to get baptized.

Miracle of the Week:On Sunday, some a less active family that we've been working with came to church! We were soooo surprised! Because the wife has some serious problems. But they came and it was awesome! 

After church we had ice cream with the Elders because Elder Nobmann in the Spanish Branch is going to Argentina today! He got his visa finally. It was sad to see him go because he's just so awesome. 

Funny story of the week: We pranked Elder Nobmann since we found out he was leaving. Webster and Evans called Porter and Nobmann (me and Sister Ross listened on a 3-way call) and said that President called them saying that Webster's brother got in a car accident and wanted a priesthood blessing. Nobmann was like ok we'll be right there. And when they got there they were like just kidding! And then they took him to the Waffle House for a goodbye breakfast. Hahahaahhaha.

We find out about transfers today and I am so nervous. I do not want to leave Smyrna! Things are finally happening and I just love this ward so much. But our district leader, Elder Porter, is getting transferred and Elder Webster. So sad! :( But I will go where the Lord wants me to go! The AP should be calling us soon so I'll let you know as soon as he does!

Love you all!!

July 8th, 2013

Hello there!

This week has been amazing!!!! 

Ok so Wednesday we got to go to the temple as a district which was awesome, as always. And then that night we got to go to the Brave's game with our ward. We rode with the Bishop (who is the best) and had SUCH a fun time! Our ward is so awesome. It was kind of weird being there at first..with all the "worldly" music and beer and stuff. But it was soo fun!

My birthday was perfect! Our District Leader, Elder Porter called us all in for a conference call to discuss how we could get people to church but really, it was just so that they could sing happy birthday to me! It was sooo nice! Hahaha. Me and Sister Ross went to Olive Garden for lunch and then had some appointments and taught 2 new investigators with Sister Wilcox (who is 26, has 3 kids, and is awesome!) and they BOTH committed to baptism! Their dates are for August 3rd!    

So after teaching and seeing people, Sister Wilcox found out it was my birthday finally haha and she took us out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, so good! She is great, it's like hanging out with an older sister! And then she told me that I should marry her brother who is on his mission in Philadelphia. So she's gonna give him my address to write me haha. 

On Sunday we had FIVE investigators come to church! And then we taught another new investigator that night with Sister Wilcox and we invited her to be baptized and so her date is for August 10th! Sooo awesome!!! Lots of miracles this week!

But the biggest one is..Mirlene Margones. She contacted the church because she wanted to learn more about baptisms for the dead. So our AP gave us her info and we went and saw her and talked about it and we didn't even have to invite her to be baptized! She already wanted to. So her date is for July 20th..which is also her birthday! Crazy how things work out!

Man! Me and Sister Ross have been soooo blessed with good, solid people to teach. It's like their just coming to us and we barely have to do anything! Hahaha.

So today is Zone P-day! We're going to the park at 1 and I'm so excited! And tomorrow will be even better! We're going to the temple with our zone AND the East zone (we're the West zone) AND we'll be having zone training! And I think it will be to discuss the new technology we will be using and FACEBOOK! AHHHH!!! I'm so excited!

Love yall so incredibly very much a lot!!!!