Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July 15th, 2013


Quiero hablar Espanol mucho mal. Jajaja. Puedo hablar un poquito. Pero quiero aprender mas. 

ANYWAYY...This week has been great! We've been busy teaching the 2 ladies that contacted the church wanting to get baptized. Their date is for July 20th so we gotta make sure the understand everything and gain a testimony. And they're on track! They've come to church, know it's true, and can't wait to receive a remission of their sins and start a whole new life! 

On Tuesday we got to go to the temple with our zone, the East zone, and President Harding. It was so wonderful. And then we had a Zone conference that lasted 5 hours! But it was fun. I loved seeing all my mission friends! 

On Wednesday we had a mini mission with the youth from the Spanish branch and we taught some people that have committed to baptism.

On Friday we went on an exchange and I got to go to Sandy Springs to be with my Sister Training Leader, Sister Hill. And I love her! We had so much fun. And her Bishop took us out for dinner at the Happy Sumo (it's like Bennihana) and he's a doctor with no kids so he said order whatever you want. My meal cost $20! But I was worried about my companion taking the lead in Smyrna. She's smart and everything but I feel like Smyrna is my baby! Haha. She did alright without me there but she definitely still needs more training haha. 

On Saturday we exchanged back and the Spanish Elders had a baptism so we went to that with some of our investigators and it was awesome! Then we taught Mirlene (the one that's getting baptized and she wants to do baptisms for the dead) in the Hall's home and it was so great. When we talked about priesthood blessings she began to cry. She just seems really happy and so excited to get baptized.

Miracle of the Week:On Sunday, some a less active family that we've been working with came to church! We were soooo surprised! Because the wife has some serious problems. But they came and it was awesome! 

After church we had ice cream with the Elders because Elder Nobmann in the Spanish Branch is going to Argentina today! He got his visa finally. It was sad to see him go because he's just so awesome. 

Funny story of the week: We pranked Elder Nobmann since we found out he was leaving. Webster and Evans called Porter and Nobmann (me and Sister Ross listened on a 3-way call) and said that President called them saying that Webster's brother got in a car accident and wanted a priesthood blessing. Nobmann was like ok we'll be right there. And when they got there they were like just kidding! And then they took him to the Waffle House for a goodbye breakfast. Hahahaahhaha.

We find out about transfers today and I am so nervous. I do not want to leave Smyrna! Things are finally happening and I just love this ward so much. But our district leader, Elder Porter, is getting transferred and Elder Webster. So sad! :( But I will go where the Lord wants me to go! The AP should be calling us soon so I'll let you know as soon as he does!

Love you all!!

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