Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July 8th, 2013

Hello there!

This week has been amazing!!!! 

Ok so Wednesday we got to go to the temple as a district which was awesome, as always. And then that night we got to go to the Brave's game with our ward. We rode with the Bishop (who is the best) and had SUCH a fun time! Our ward is so awesome. It was kind of weird being there at first..with all the "worldly" music and beer and stuff. But it was soo fun!

My birthday was perfect! Our District Leader, Elder Porter called us all in for a conference call to discuss how we could get people to church but really, it was just so that they could sing happy birthday to me! It was sooo nice! Hahaha. Me and Sister Ross went to Olive Garden for lunch and then had some appointments and taught 2 new investigators with Sister Wilcox (who is 26, has 3 kids, and is awesome!) and they BOTH committed to baptism! Their dates are for August 3rd!    

So after teaching and seeing people, Sister Wilcox found out it was my birthday finally haha and she took us out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, so good! She is great, it's like hanging out with an older sister! And then she told me that I should marry her brother who is on his mission in Philadelphia. So she's gonna give him my address to write me haha. 

On Sunday we had FIVE investigators come to church! And then we taught another new investigator that night with Sister Wilcox and we invited her to be baptized and so her date is for August 10th! Sooo awesome!!! Lots of miracles this week!

But the biggest one is..Mirlene Margones. She contacted the church because she wanted to learn more about baptisms for the dead. So our AP gave us her info and we went and saw her and talked about it and we didn't even have to invite her to be baptized! She already wanted to. So her date is for July 20th..which is also her birthday! Crazy how things work out!

Man! Me and Sister Ross have been soooo blessed with good, solid people to teach. It's like their just coming to us and we barely have to do anything! Hahaha.

So today is Zone P-day! We're going to the park at 1 and I'm so excited! And tomorrow will be even better! We're going to the temple with our zone AND the East zone (we're the West zone) AND we'll be having zone training! And I think it will be to discuss the new technology we will be using and FACEBOOK! AHHHH!!! I'm so excited!

Love yall so incredibly very much a lot!!!!

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