Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hey!  So, last Monday drove a bit to meet up for Zone P day. It was sooooo fun! 
We went to Piedmont Park which is HUGE. It's right in the middle of the city so
I got to drive through the buildings in Atlanta. Super cool! And this park was
the setting for the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting! So yeah, I got
to be where a movie was filmed! Haha. It was really fun. Our zone is pretty big.
I played basketball and my companion didn't want to so I was the only girl AND I
was the only white person that played. So yeah just me and a bunch of BLACK
ELDERS playing basketball. No big deal hahahaha. Also, at zone p day I met
Hayley Draper's cousins, Whitney Ellis! So we took a picture together and I want
to send it to Hayley so if you could send me her North Carolina address that'd
be great.

So this week went by really fast! Oh and something I've forgotten to tell you is
that when we go tracting and give people blessings..the black people in the
south like to speak while you're giving a prayer. They say things like, "Yes,
praise Jesus!" and "Thank you, Lord!" It completely caught me off guard and I
like stumbled through my prayer hahahaha.
Another thing crazy about Georgia is the pollen. Since spring is now here
everything is covered in pollen! Our car (usually white) was a yellow greenish
color. So crazy!

On Thursday, Aunt Dorothy and Kylie came to see me! Such a wonderful surprise! I
definitely cried just at the sight of them -____- They brought me muddy-buddies
and took me and my companion to Chik-Filet! So great! :)

So our baptism for Karl (the guy from Africa) got postponed because he's super
busy with work and we did not have enough time to teach all the lessons. And
it's a good thing we did because just yesterday we found out that he
occasionally drinks. So he definitely needs to commit to the Word of Wisdom
before being baptized. But he said he will do whatever it takes. So his baptism
is now going to be this Sunday.

So how was Riley's birthday!? Did she get my letter!? I want to see pictures!

Today we're gonna go grocery shopping, play basketball with the elders, have
dinner with them, and then we're having FHE at a less active's home. So yup!  :)

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  1. Haha, I just sent her a letter so she'll be getting my address soon! :)