Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good morning, Family!

So last Monday after I talked to you we went and play basketball with the Elders..again and we played 21 and I won! Hahaha. On Tuesday we had an amazing district meeting about the Atonement. Our district leader is so great. He always knows how to invite the spirit. Wednesday was transfers and one of my favorite Elders left! Elder Darrow :( So we have 2 new elders in our district and 2 new sisters that opened a new area.

So since Elder Darrow got transferred we had to give him his GPS back so I bought one. It was very expensive..$140..The only one they had at Wal Mart. I used my personal debit card and I hope that's ok that I bought one. It can be my early birthday present or something..Because without a GPS, we would be so lost.
I know my away around a lot better but we still see new people every day and get new referrals so I wouldn't know where to go without it.

On Friday we got to do service at the temple. We planted flowers for like 3 hours with other sisters in our zone. It was really fun and such a beautiful day. I got sunburned but I'm glad! I felt so white and I definitely needed some

So On Friday night I had a nightmare about my companion, Sister Bui. It was terrible..Like exorcist status. I told her about it the next morning and she freaked out because she had a dream just like it about her previous companion. So we called our district leader to bless our apartment and Elder Webster gave me a priesthood blessing as well. I felt a lot better. Sister Bui told me that I should talk to President Harding about it so I talked to him last night. He is amazing. I definitely cried during the entire conversation over the phone (we were at the church at the time) and Elder Porter (a Spanish speaking missionary in my district) walked in and saw me...awkward haha. No but he asked if I needed anything which was really nice. Anyway so yeah, I feel a lot better from talking to President.

But it's been a good week! Except for Karl (African guy, getting baptized) had to go to the hospital again for another surgery but last night we taught him the last lesson! Tithing and fasting! And he's good to go! His faith is amazing! He seriously has lost everything. Job, health, sponsorship, money from the hospital, and he still committed to pay tithing! I love it.

Alright well, how was yall's week? I really want all the clothes I left home. I feel like I have nothing! I need more shirts! I want the shirts I left haha because most of my clothes are winter clothes and it is going to be hot from
like June to September. Oh and can you tell Taylor to make a list of all the good movies she sees and wants to see? I need to catch up when I get home next summer! :) Thank you! Love you!

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