Thursday, May 23, 2013


Ok this week was awesome! Super busy and super fun! We had district P-day and played games at the park. Tuesday we had zone conference and our President was there so it was wonderful! That night we got to go to a Vietnamese person's baptism in Tucker, GA because Sister Bui knows them and got permission. I met a new sister, Sister Moa. She is from Hawaii and we're like already best friends. I love her! hopefully I can go on an exchange with her soon or even be her companion in the future!

On Wednesday we went to lunch with Karl, Sam, and Bala. (All Africans and all have said that they will wait for me...hahahaha). We went to a Vietnamese restaurant for Sister Bui and it was really good!

Thursday was Karl's baptism..finally! It went perfectly. Four of his African friends came to watch AND one of our other investigators that wants to get baptized came as well. Her name is Francina and she wants to get baptized on her birthday, June 11th. Me and Sister Bui tracted into her like a month ago and she's progressing very well! It's so great!

Friday we had an exchange! Sister Ellis (Hayley's cousin) came to Smyrna with me and Sister Bui went to Stone Mountain. It was sooooo fun. We taught, we ate, we laughed, it was awesome. We had lunch at the Radichels and they sent us home with sooo much food! They are so great. But it really was a lot so we gave some to the Elders too. On Saturday we exchanged back and then that night our ward had a talent show. It was soooo funny! Our ward is pretty great. 

On Sunday we found out we have a senior couple! They just got here and they will be serving in our district! They are awesome! Elder and Sister Beck are from Salt Lake and they offered to give us rides so we can save miles! Hallelujah! Also, yesterday I was asked to give a talk -_____- Man! I hate giving talks..still. But whatever! Just do it! I'm giving it on how the gospel changes lives and how it has influenced my life. That's an easy topic but I just still hate getting up there in front of everyone. BUT I told all the African guys and they said they wouldn't miss it...So I guess it's good that they're coming to church!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

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