Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ok so last week went by sooo fast! My talk went well but of course I waited til the last minute to write it..also because I don't really have a lot of time on Saturday night I was up until 1:30 writing it. Oh and we had to plan sharing time for primary..And then before our 9am church we went to our investigator's catholic church (the African that wants to marry me). So after we went to his he came to ours and heard me speak haha. I think my talk was good. First time writing a 15 mintue talk completely by myself! And everyone complimented me yeah it was a good day.
I don't have my planner so I can't look back on the specifics of what I did last week, man! I don't have a lot of yeah. But P day got switched this week because Memorial Day was Monday and so President wanted us to go tracting to find a family to baptized since most people are home and together on holidays. And we found 5 new investigators and found 1 family that lives in our apartment complex that we will be meeting with again and eventually invite them to be baptized.
And because P day got switched our District all wen to the temple today! It was awesome! And then after, the 2 senior couples took us all out to lunch. We went to a buffet and ate so much..and we gave out a ton of cards. And then we all gave a blessing to our waitor right in the restaurant! It was awesome. So me and Sister Bui got his number and address and gave it to the Missionaries in his area. So cool!
So our Mission President is amazing. The APs made us certification binders for us to complete so we are "Certified missionaries" and "Masters of Preach My Gospel". It a lot of work but it feels good every time I get something signed off. And it's only making me a more prepared and skilled missionary. We are really stepping it up. Instead of waking up at 6:30 he asked us to wake up at 6 so we can do everything we already do and to do our certification. But if we don't set our standards high the outcome will not be high. We are taking it one day a time, believing that we can find at least one person the be baptized every day. It's awesome!
So my district is awesomely amazing. They are so fun, so spiritual, and just really great missionaries and people in general. I REALLY do not want to get transferred and I  hope no one in our district does either!
I wish I could remember more about last week we do so many things and see so many people I really cannot think..haha. But I know that it was a good week and that we worked hard. Like I said earlier..we walked to the church because we're limited on miles..I'll send you the picture of my blister next week haha.
The Spanish Elders had a baptism on Friday and the Elders in our ward had one on Saturday. They were both awesome and they just get me so pumped. We have 2 baptisms scheduled for June. One on June 11th and one on June 22nd. It's so exciting! Ok I hoped that answered your questions. I loved hearing about yalls week! :)

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