Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 3, 2013

Love all the pictures!!

Ok so this week was AWESOME! We found 10 new investigators (goal was 5), had 47 lessons taught (goal was 20), and gave 50 blessings (goal was 50 but is usually 30)!!!! So yeah we were supppperrr busy and did a lot of tracting and it paid off! 

So I talked to you on Wednesday and told you about stuff up until then, so Thursday and Friday were just like another day, tracting and teaching. Saturday the Spanish Elders had a baptism so we went to that and it was great. 

Oh my gosh but the other day we finally met this less active guy named Michael Hickman. We've gone to his house like 5 times and he's never there but then finally we caught him right before he was heading to work. And I am sooo glad we did because he's hilarious. He has ADD so he literally says whatever is in his head. But he's really smart too. But yeah, he said he had to go to work but we ended up talking to him on his porch for like 45 minutes haha. And he wants to talk more so he's taking us to dinner on Tuesday.

Yesterday, 2 of our investigators came to church! And these 2 people have a baptism date set so they are progressing, which is good! This week we have been fasting as a mission and each zone has a set day to fast. Luckily our zone was yesterday (fast Sunday) haha. So we came together in prayer and fast so that our investigators will be able to progress as we teach them the restored gospel by the Spirit. 

And now today, is Monday and transfers are this Wednesday and we still haven't heard if we're being transferred! The APs called but I was in the shower so they said they'd call back but they haven't! So hopefully they will in time for me to tell yall! 

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