Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Yes I loved conference. We watched it at the church building. One of my favorite
talks was by President Monson. He is so funny and always has a good story to
relate to his topic. I also loved Holland's talk. It gave me comfort to know
that it is ok if you just believe because that is the first step. General
Conference has definitely increased my faith this weekend and was like my
spiritual food to get me strengthened and motivated.

So last Monday was April Fool's day and we pulled a prank on the Elders. We
texted all of them saying that Sister Bui was being sent home. They all freaked
out. So the next day at district meeting I brought them crescent rolls with
nutella in them so that they would forgive us haha.

We have a baptism this Sunday! The African guy, Karl. He is so excited, I love
it. His boss fired him for his decision to be baptized. And since he is not here
legally, there's nothing he can really do about it. :( But he has so much faith
and I know the Lord will bless him for his sacrifices.

We also have another baptism scheduled in the beginning of May for a young black
guy that we had only 1 lesson with so far. We went back last night to teach him
the 2nd lesson but he was definitely high on drugs. It smelled like weed in the
apartment. So we stayed for less than 3 minutes and said we'd come back. And on
the way out he hit on me...so yeah we will not go there again without a male

Ok so I hope you guys had a great week and got a lot out of conference. 

Today we have zone P day so it should be fun! Love you all!!!! :)

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